Tuesday, June 16, 2009

June 8th 2009 - Gus

Raspberry vinaigrette salad with glazed walnut

Clam chowder

Fish and chips

Creme Brulee

Happy Birthday Henry

We've been discussing quite sometime now about doing a fancy meal for a monday night supper. Of course a fancy meal would go against our fundamental rules of keeping it under the budget. So for a very special occasion, we went all out for Henry's bday.




Monday, June 1, 2009

May 11th

Sorry folks, trying to catch up.

Corn and sweet potato salad - Roasted sweet corn mixed with sweet potato and cilantro on top of fried onion strips. Corn like bacon makes everything tastes good. If you disagree you're dead inside or just count yourself out of an invite to the Monday Night Supper Club =P

The second course was oven baked chicken drumsticks coated with wheat flour. The dressing was a a sweet and bit tangy sauce. Tony's poor man's version of sweet and sour sauce I think.

The next dish was a shrimp pizza made with fresh dough. I have to give Kristal props for actually making fresh dough! That's nuts! The pizza was probably my favorite dish for the night. So yummy!

A special thanks and congratulations to Trammie our awesome guest of the night as well as finishing the the rock n' roll marathon yesterday with a kick ass time! Tonight theme is ballarific as we will be celebrating Henry's dinner. Can't wait!


Monday Night Supper Club

May 4th

Wow I am totally slackin on the updating department. Sorry! Really been busier than a 1 legged man at an ass kicking race. Anyhoo, May 4th was my cooking night and our special guest of the evening was Moose. This of course was my first time meeting the man, the legend, the ummm body part that I will not mention because this is a family oriented blog. Right... so moving on to the cooking.

It's been a while since I had the cooking night and was quite rusty on the grocery shopping.

For starter we had strawberry, tangerine salad with a citrus mustard dressing. Au contraire to Tony's belief I did not just use his salad dressing but actually created a dressing from olive oil, some mustard mix, vinegar, tangerine juice and black pepper to create my own original dressing. Side note, I went to Zion to get some of the grocery but skipped on getting the salad there even though it was 1.99 for 1lb of salad. I didn't want to get it there because I didn't think it was fresh and didn't want to sort through it for salad. Who do I think I am? Rich? So I ended up paying $2.99 at Food 4 less for a 8 oz bag of salad. Grocery shopping fail!

The second course was Lentil Soup - Fresh lentil , with celery and onion and chicken buillon for broth. It was quick and quite hearty.

The next course was pan fried salmon on a bed of greens.

To redeem myself I decided to make homemade ice-cream to keep the cost down. We had home made oreo cookies ice-cream. It was a treat and a science project rolled into one!

So moral of the story is no I am not rich enough to shop outside of Zion and yes Tony you can make ice-cream at home and I did this before for 7th grade class. =)

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Monday Meal - April 6th 2009

Hey OH!

Sorry folks, I've been busier than a one legged man at an ass kicking race so haven't had the chance to update on the blog. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we did not have a supper night for this past Monday. But I'm here to update on the April 6th dinner anyhow. =) Right, moving on.

We started off with calamari - Chopped off squid that was dipped in wheat flour and fried with olive oil. We had two different types of sauce, one was spicy creamy sauce (aka siracha and mayo) and a delectable pureed tomato sauce from a can.

Stir Fry Enoki Mushrooms - This was a simple but very tasty accompanying dish for the shrimp ravioli below.

Shrimp Ravioli in Brown Butter Sauce - What a great idea for ravioli! Shrimp with sour cream wrapped in wonton wraps and covered with mushrooms! The brown butter sauce was to die for.. LITERALLY! I could tell my heart was about to go into cardiac arrest. But even then, it would still be worth it. Jk! it's healthy! Butter is made out of milk, which comes from cows... and what do cows eat? Grass! A nice leafy green vegetables.. Consuming butter is just a more efficient way of eating vegetables.. uh yea..

Mousaka - Ok so this dish is Tony's ghetto albeit creative version of the Greek Mousaka. What do you do when you got eggplants, mom's leftover meat, boxed mash potato, sour cream, and cheese? Throw everything together into a baking dish and put it in the oven! Instant mousaka meatloaf thingymajig! Finally a successful attempt at being white! Next stop... proper tipping at a Pho restaurant... aww who am I kidding.. two dollars is plenty for 5 bowls of pho =P

Apple Crisps with Ice-cream - Finally the last dish was a cinnamon apple crisps with granola crumbs and cookies n' cream ice-cream from Fosselman. Again, very simple but extremely tasty, not to mention healthy. Granola and apples!

Another job well done for the Monday Night Supper Club. Special thanks to Chickayo for spearheading the cooking night and a huge thank you to our great guest Minh who graciously brought two bottles of wine.

Cheers -

Monday Night Supper Club

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A low cost but tasty meal

Forget the rice, forget the cabbage Tony's new theme is CHEAP but tasty. hmmm just how I like my meal...

This week Chickayo could not make it as she had to take Kai to the airport. Our honored guests of the evening were Juan and Marcie.

We started off with the ritual shot made by yours truly of vodka, dry vermouth, apple schnapps, olive juice and a splash of lime juice.

We started off with a watermelon salad with mandarin orange and faux chicherones(sp?) in a mustard vinaigrette dressing. While salad was extremely good the general consensus was that the salad could be improved with a more crunchy texture like toasted almonds or walnut. or bacon. Bacon sure makes everything tastes good =)

The next dish was chicken cutlet with rice and curry. Boneless thigh meat dipped in whole wheat flour, eggs and covered in panko bread crumb then fried with olive oil. Can we say healthy?! The curry was made with curry mix, sauteed carrots and onions in chicken broth with corn. This was by far my favorite entree of Monday Night Supper club.. The chicken was extremely tasty, crunchy, yet light and not at all oily. The curry was also very good although a bit mild but it worked to not overpower the chicken.

Dessert was blueberry angel cake with whipped cream. Real light with right amount of tart from the blueberry. Perfect ending to a perfect meal.

This meal cost $20 but the good times with friends are priceless. Cheers to Juan and Marcie for making it to this week Monday Night Supper Club and our special and unexpected guest Tu. We look forward for Kristal to come back next week with more exciting ingredients and fr0m our kitchen to yours... cheers to inexpensive but tasty dining.

- Monday Night Supper Club

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rice Rice Baby March 23, 2009

For this last Monday night supper club, I decided on rice as the main ingredient. Despite the fact that a bag of rice can get quite costly, I was fortunate that rice is a regular staple in any Asian home. Tony's place is no exception.

We started off with white sushi - a poor man's toro according to Tony and he is right! Just a nice clean cut of white tuna on top of sushi rice and a splash of ponzu sauce.

For the real appetizer however. Now see this is how you know it is the Chubbymonster's cooking night... there will always be just a slight bit too much food.

The real appetizer was spicy tuna hand roll - tuna mixed with mayo and siracha on sushi rice wrapped with seaweed.

The next dish was kimchi fried rice. a special thanks to our very special guest Kai for making it happen with his expertise in making kimchi fried rice. Real simple, cooked rice fried with kimchi and some marinated beef from Zion market and a little scallions. We topped the rice with a fried egg.

To relieve us from a carborific meal, the next dish was a marinated beef wrap. Real simple grilled marinated beef with juliened carrots and radish. Wrap all of these goodies up with lettuce leaf and dip in red chilli paste.

To keep up with the rice theme, we finished up with sweet sticky rice and mango.

The entire meal cost less than $24. Special thanks to Kai for making the kimchi fried rice and to the rest of the Monday Night Supper Club members for a job well done!

Cheers -

Monday Night Supper Club